Effective ways to boost your Business during this Pandemic.

Past 15 months, we all have been battling against Coronavirus and slowly we all have got adapted to the new normal. If you think that, this pandemic gave us a bad experience then it has also taught us to adjust in any situation. Now people got adjusted to the WFH concept, Kids are hopefully convinced with their online classes, people started understanding their family, their own strengths and weaknesses and above all everyone realized the value of life.
Now, on the work front, every business has experienced a big blow and the owners are still puzzled that how to come back.
Here are some points for maintaining your Business Engine running ahead on the rough roads.

Recreate your business plan.

During this tough time instead of thinking about what will happen to your business, create a new business strategy or if you are already having it then revisit and reset your plans and goals according to the current situation.

Here are some points to give a push to your thoughts:
*Plan your marketing strategy keeping the current scenario in mind.
*Think of the areas which are more important to develop.
*Segregate the work priority-wise and set goals considering the uncertain market.
*Design a strategy and plan how to improve your business through different mediums to increase your brand credibility.
*Make a checklist of your flaws done in the business and try to rectify them.

Increase your Network.

This is the time to find out different opportunities to enhance your business perspective. Recreate the magic of maintaining good contacts. Try to reach out to your old business contacts and build a relationship. Consult with them about business growth and discuss how to work together on growing target clients.

Client Relationship

Maintaining a good relationship and communicating with your existing clients should be your top priority during this ongoing crisis. Provide solutions for their current issue will make your relationship with your customers more strong.

Focus on Digital Marketing

During this tough time, people are homebound and for their daily needs, they started to depend on online stores. This is the right time to show your presence in the digital world. Digital media has become so powerful that sitting in one place you can reach millions of people across the globe.

The study says that there are 4.72 billion social media users around the world, which is 60% of the world’s total population. Every second on average around 16 users are joining social media.

It is high time to Work on your digital marketing strategy and brings a new light to your business. You can easily reach your targeted clients and generate leads without stepping out of your place.

Work on your website

Your company website is the mirror of your business. Utilize this period to rework your website. A good website can boost your brand, increase your reach and has the potential to convert the visitors to your customer.

Go Live online

If you are a good speaker then go online and explore your talent and earn. Conduct webinars and help people to stay positive and energetic as many people are shattered mentally due to this pandemic and this is the right time to help them.

Plan for the unanticipated

This is the time to prepare yourself for any unexpected situation. Keep a plan in your strategy which can play as a disaster management solution.

Above all Stay Calm, Eat Healthily, do regular exercise, and Stay Safe.

Digital Marketing- The Gateway to a Successful Business

Why do you need Digital Marketing ?

YES, you heard it right. If you are a Business person then surely a small thought might came in your mind that, Why do you need Digital Marketing?

Don’t worry Friends, I am going to take big and boring lessons on Digital Marketing. I would like to share a glimpse of how Digital Marketing can be a part of your business growth.

The year 2020, a full swing technology-driven era, where a major part of our life depends upon technologies, why can’t we include Digital Marketing as a part of our business. As per the report around 3 billion people are using Social Media Platforms worldwide.

Now, the next point might popup in your in your mind would be “ What includes in this Digital Marketing”.

So here comes some of the marketing tools:

  1.   Social Media Promotion (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, Googlemybusiness, and Youtube)

2.   SEO

3.   SME

4.   Content Writing

5.  Website Designing

6.   Graphics Designing

7.   Pay per click

8.   E-Mail Marketing

9.   Affiliate Marketing

10.  WhatsApp/ SMS messaging

11.   Mobile App

These are some major points which make Digital Marketing a must for your business.

Now What Digital Marketing contributes in your Business Growth?

Here are some points:

  •   Audit your Current Social Presence
  •   To Reach your Targeted Audiences on a lightning speed.
  •   Get Qualified Leads
  •   Spread your business across the globe.
  •   Minimize your Marketing Cost
  • Increase ROI in less time

Now, What Next?

Definitely the question of how to achieve the above point will arise?

Every business requires strategy, no matter if it is a small shop or a Multinational company.  An evolving online Strategy is very important for a successful Digital Marketing. Here are some tips:

  •   Social Media Presence:  First and foremost, your presence on Social Media is very important. Show the world who you are and what you do.
  •   Unique Content: Content is a key factor in your business growth. Different Social Media Platforms require different content. The same kind of content may make your audience disengage, so it is very important to diversify your content such as Images, Infographics, Video, Blogs, and many more.
  •  Social Media Promotion: Images and videos are the trends in the past and it still leading the race but the new star in this race is interactive Videos. The New Gen needs practical experience that includes customer experience, participation, and interactions.
  • Website: A Business Website is the most important aspect of your online presence. The website is a reflection of your business and a great Website will attract your audiences and convert the VISITORS into CUSTOMERS.
  •   SEO: Having a great website is incomplete without a proper SEO. It will keep your Website always on top in Google search and your business will be noticed frequently.
  •   Mobile App:  Today maximum crowd is using mobile for most of their activities. Your presence in the Mobile App may lead to more productivity.

I hope the above insight gave you an idea of how Digital Marketing will create a great change in your Business Growth.

Web Designing and Creative Management

Every business needs a platform to execute its products, services, or ideas to reach the maximum targeted audiences. Advertising strategy should be planned in such a way that it can generate more profit for the organization. In today’s world, we have a variety of different mediums to reach people.

Marketing through traditional way is fading away and Digital transformation has taken over the charge. One of the important aspects of digital marketing is Website Designing. A Website is an informative, significant, and critical component of your promotional efforts.

Here we are not going to explain the design implementation of a website or the technical steps to create a professional website but to discuss the importance of a good website and what are main content should be outlined while creating a website.

A good website reflects your brand and it’s a place where all other digital marketing strategies will connect. A Website is incomplete without good creativity and content. A great website should not only exhibit the product or convey the services but also engage the visitors. It should be user-friendly and mobile compatible. A good website should attract the visitor, share proper information, guide them, and build trust.

There are several factors that need to be taken care of while creating a website. The website should have the following important factors which convert visitors to customers:

  • Concept
  • Simplicity
  • Navigation
  • Visual Hierarchy
  • Colour combination
  • Consistency
  • Information
  • Creative
  • Content

A successful website means:

  • Attract the right visitors
  • Guide them to the main product or service
  • Educate them about the product
  • Make them visit Again
  • Let the new visitors come through your existing customers

A clutter free, clean and professional website with minimum but strong content and good creative will definitely glued your visitors to your site.

Recruitment – Simple or Complicated Process

How to Manage a simple but yet complicated Recruitment Process

Human Resource is an important position in any organization. This position is a bridge between the management and employees. There are lots of responsibilities an HR manager needs to head but the most common and vital role is Recruitment. As we step into the new decade, the changing trend of working style brings new challenges also. Recruitment means employ the right manpower to achieve organizations goal. Great recruitment can lead to success of an organization and bad recruitment can ruin it. So, here HR manager has a great responsibility to recruit the right person, on the right time and for the right position.

Before recruiting a person, some of the key factors which need to be keep it in mind:

1.      Understand the Requirement

First and foremost important aspect an HR should take care is to understand the Client’s Strategy and the Project objectives for which they are going to recruit. Not necessary to go in-depth but it is must to know the vision, mission and goals of the project. This will help HR to understand what the company wants and who will be the right candidate for that specific position. HR should workout the following basic steps before starting the recruitment:

  • Clients Strategy of the project
  • The purpose of the project
  • Design the Job Description
  • Number of Candidates required for the project.
  • Candidates Exposure, Experience, Qualification and Knowledge for to the position.

It is very important that the HR should have a detailed meeting with the respective Project Manager to get a clear picture of the position.

1.      Methods of Recruitment

There was a time when the recruitment process only depended on resume portals and newspaper ads. Once the recruiter posts a job, instinctively the position gets filled.  But now the trend has changed drastically.  Today the millennials are having a totally different view towards life. Whether it’s the work front or personal life, technology is the most prominent factor of their target. Now, HR should put their head to find an innovative way of recruitment.  Social Media plays a significant and very effective way to approach the New Gen people. There are multiple platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and much more. Posting jobs through various Digital Platforms are very effective and get much fruitful result than any other methods.

1.      Branding the position

Today, the new Gen candidates are very informative and can’t compromise to get what they want. Branding the position means, to showcase the complete details of the position which includes not only the Job description, experience, expertise and project details but also the growth hierarchy of the company and how it will be helpful for the candidate’s future growth. Now a day the candidate wants to know the culture of the company, career growth, upskilling opportunity, training platforms, other small and big incentives as they are more fascinated to do the interesting and purposeful work.

1.      Job announcement

Posting job openings in any platform whether Digital or Traditional will not work out unless it attracts the right candidate. HR should take care that the description should be designed in a precise and informative way. HR should actively update themself with current leading technologies which enable them to become more proactive in hiring, determine a candidates culture fit and it improves communication between HR and candidates.

  1. Keeping track of inactive resumes

It is important to keeping track of inactive resumes.  Inactive resume means the candidate might have applied for a position in the past but were not suitable for the position at that period. HR needs to scrutinize the resume and they might get the right candidates from the list for their current project.

Recruitment plays a vital role in the HR world as it lays the foundation of the manpower selection and a right move will lead to a great success of the company.

Multi-Platform Branding Solution

Today’s fast-moving world, the technology has taken a big leap and every day it is upgrading.  It is very important to have an equal pace with the current technologies to grow your business.

WHAT is Multi-Platform Branding Solution?

Let’s discuss a few significant factors of Multi-Platform branding solution. It is also known by other names such as Multi-Channel Marketing and Cross Channel Marketing. In simple terms, Multi-channel branding is nothing but the implementation of a single strategy to market the product through multiple digital platforms.

Now the question is Why Multi-Platform Marketing has a vital place in the current business world. The answer is your targeted customers can be anywhere in the world, with different lifestyle and different way of approach towards buying goods or availing a service or ideas. Now you have to plan your business strategy to choose the right platform to advertise your brand and reach your targeted customers more accurately and faster. It allows you to meet your customers directly, irrespective of their location in just one click.

WHY Multi-Platform branding is important?

In the pre-digital era, the major and most powerful marketing platforms were Television and Radio. Though television still has its charm but now in the digital era, people are more engaged on different platforms for their daily needs such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Google Ads, Email Marketing, Linked in and so on.

With the hectic work life and mostly on move, people prefer to rely on these digital platforms than the traditional way of marketing. Posting your advertisement on Facebook or any other digital platforms will give you more opportunity to reach your customers directly and consumers will also avail different options sitting in one place.

As a marketer, you need to plan your strategy to exhibit your product or services on different digital platforms frequently so that your product or services will always be in touch with your customers.

HOW Multi-Platform branding will help to grow your business.

A strategy is very important to execute any action. Multi-Platform branding also requires a strategy to reach your targeted customers effectively. Each digital platform is having a different range of users. Consumers use different digital platforms at the same time simultaneously, so your advertisement must have attractive content and images with optimal hashtags and meet the consumers’ expectations.

One important factor to be noted is that, not all the digital platform brings you good business. You have to be very careful to choose the appropriate digital platform according to your business type. You should first plan to choose your targeted audience, their locations, age group and profession. This will enable your brand to speak effectively and allow you to create a dynamic impact on your customers.

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